Cuba in 2021

There was a great shock global wide when the pandemics hit the travel industry. Cuba had it’s share and is now ready again to accept tourists.

Here are highlights of the 2021 year:

  • Cuba manufactured their own vaccines called Abdala and Soberana 2 and Soberana Plus as a booster with 91% efficiency
  • Commercial flights were paused and are re-opening on November 15th for tourists which is very convenient since the real season on Cuba lasts from November until March
  • Cuba is in the meantime reforming: private companies are allowed
  • The local travel industry had time to renovate. Rooms are renovated in casa particulares like in Hostal Brina.
Opis ni na voljo
Hostal Brina rennovation works are in progress in 2021. Bulding separated bathrooms for each room for even more comfort.