Going to Cuba with kids! Our 2018 trip

On the first day of the kids’ school summer holidays 2018, we flew to Cuba with our two kids, ages 6 and 8. Up until the flight we were afraid how the children will survive the 17 hours journey from Europe and the culture shock of arriving in a country with different infrastructure, language, and climate.  But after we had been in Cuba for two weeks, our children were crying when we boarded the taxi from Havana Vieja to Havana Airport. They were asking, when shall we return… All in all, our family trip to Cuba was an unforgettable positive experience.

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Rancho Luna, the beach of Cienfuegos

The local beach of Cienfuegos is called Rancho Luna. When you stay in a casa particular in the city of Cienfuegos it will take around 30 minutes taxi ride to reach the beach. Visit to the sea is a perfect one day trip on a budget.

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