Rancho Luna, the beach of Cienfuegos

The local beach of Cienfuegos is called Rancho Luna. When you stay in a casa particular in the city of Cienfuegos it will take around 30 minutes taxi ride to reach the beach. Visit to the sea is a perfect one day trip on a budget.

rancho luna
The golden beach of Rancho Luna in the afternoon sun.
rancho luna
Thousands of little ghost crabs hide in sand holes and come to the surface when the air is clean. Children will watch this with astonishment.
kildeer cuba rancho luna
There are many birds on the shore. The pelicans will fly over your head and killdeers will quietly walk around your towels.

Transportation to Rancho Luna

You might wait for a bus and mingle with the locals or you might find a cheap taxi. A taxi would cost you around 8 CUC from Cienfuegos to Rancho Luna beach. And another 8 CUC to return to your casa particular at a given time communicated with the driver. The drivers are normally always on time and the taxi will be there even 10 minutes before the agreed departure.