COVID-19 update from CUBA

We have many friends in Havana and other parts of Cuba. Here is a recent update based from their reflection on what is going on and what they expect to happen in near future. Here is the update from the friendly people of Cuba:

Here in Cuba, our government created conditions to control the spread of the virus, and thus prevent our hospitals from collapsing as it happened in Italy, Spain, and other cities in Europe, and also in New York and other USA cities. In Cuba we are 12 million people and we have had 2,340 people infected with the virus, but only 86 people have died. But the problem is not over and we don’t know what else may happen. Due to the economy they want to open up normal life, but new positive cases are still emerging and if they open up to normality here, we may have a new stage of a pandemic. The USA already went into normal life and now everything is getting serious again. Florida and other states are getting seriously complicated. Incredibly, our humble country has done a great job so far, but it can be greatly complicated if you decide to open up the economy.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed this world and when it ends, it will leave us with a different world. We are living incredible days without knowing when all this will end, and we have the uncertainty of not knowing how we will end. Everything has been a world disaster.

We have seen the news from Europe, USA and other parts of the world, and it is impossible to forget everything that happened. I guess the pain you went through and I think you must have been very scared during those days when the pandemic was growing daily.

Cuba has provided aid to more than 20 countries, but there were other countries that also needed help and out of political shame they did not want Cuban doctors to travel to them, knowing that Cubans could have saved many of those people who died. Cuba helped many countries without leaving our hospitals without doctors.

Despite of all the slanders that come from the USA, we were able to acomplish several GOALS, which have left everyone speechless:

  • Cuban drugs (Interferon) were the ones that gave the best results against the coronavirus during the first months of the pandemic in China. With the Cuban medicines, more than 1500 Chinese were saved.
  • No country wanted to receive the English Cruise full of passengers. Inspite the friendship that the English get from the Americans as their best friends. However, solidarity in Cuba prevailed and we accepted our English brothers and sisters to our island and helped the infected without hesitation.
  • No country has sent as many doctors abroad to fight against the covid-19, as Cuba has done.
  • Mexico and other countries are vaccinating their population with Cuban medicine (PrevengoVir), which is a medicine that strengthens the immune system.
  • And it is Cuba that with discipline, is giving the best sample to the world of fighting against COVID-19 within our country, with very positive results, at least until now. And we hope this is not complicated because this is not over and anything can still happen. I suppose that our government is seeing the new events in the USA, due to the early opening of the economy that is causing the number of infected to rise again. And in China, there are also new outbreaks of the disease, but I already explained to you that the Chinese have discipline, and they will always emerge victorious from thousands of outbreaks that may arise there, and also, they will always do so in a short time.

Regarding our businesses, you already know: “We have everything closed and they will stay that way for several more months.”

During this time we are doing some repairs on our houses and praying that we will not go too long without tourists.