Mandatory documents to enter cuba

There are a couple of entry requirements for entering Cuba that need to be provided at airport border control. Cuban border officials are very strict and they always take a photograph portrait of each traveller at the document review. But you can feel safe and enjoy the beautiful island once you successfully pass the border control.

What is needed to pass border control in Cuba?

There are many documents you must provide to enter Cuba. These include:

  • Negative PCR test. In COVID-19 times you need a negative PCR test that needs to be at most 2 days old. You can get PCR test in your local hospital or test center. It costs around 90 USD per person and takes up to 10 hours the get the results. You will have to print results on paper and submit it to the border control officials.
  • Visa for Cuba. This can be obtained at the nearest Cuba embassy or we suggest more convinient way: at almost every accredited local tourist agency. It takes 5 minutes to get the Visa at your local agency, and could take weeks if you decide to ask the embassy.
  • Customs document. You need to watch out what you pack. Do not pack anything toxic or dangerous, because you will have problems at the customs control. We advice to only pack the necessary items. To confirm you aren’t bringing unallowed items you must fill out the form you would usually get on your flight to your designated Cuban airport.