Havana – back to normal 2021/2022 [PHOTOS]

Covid had a huge impact on global and also Cuba’s tourism. From the point in the middle of the 2020 season when every couple of minutes there was a new plane arrival from Europe, Canada, US and the rest of the world, next day in March everything stopped. Cuba went through the pandemic extremely well and now is opening again. We are sharing exclusive photos from the streets of Havana just before opening time!

It’s normal life again, but with masks in the city. Cuban people are very cautious because they don’t want the virus to spread. At the same time Havana is preparing for the new season – reconstruction and city cleanup!

Commercial flights to be resumed: November 15th 2021

From November 15th 2021 Havana Airport Hose Marti will resume flights from aboad (Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, USA and many more). Havana is preparing to accept tourists again and Cuban people will prepare their guests a friendly welcome.

Let’s now look at Havana in October 2021 – the streets are empty but clean, people are allowed to walk outside, but with masks. On the beach and when going to swim in the sea you don’t have to wear a mask. In the restuarants while sitting you can take the mask off.

Enjoy the sneak preview of Havana end of 2021! Have the chance to see Havana without the tourists in the photos below.

Plaza de Arma Habana Vieja – Old Havana

Parque Central

Tunel Bahia

Avenida del Puerto

Calle Empedrado

Calle Galiano in the center of Havana

Calle Luz – Havana Vieja / Old Havana

Calle Neptuno Centro Habana

Calle Obispo (Boulevar)

Calle Oficios

Calle San Ignacio

Calle San Rafael (Boulevar)

Castillo de la Fuerza Real

Catedral Ortodoxa Rusa

El Templete

Hotel Manzana

Hotel Zaratoga

Parque El Curita

Parque Fraternidad

Paseo del Prado

Plaza Catedral

Plaza de Armas

Plaza de San Francisco de Asís

Plaza Vieja Habana

Restaurant Floridita