Healthcare in Cuba

In Cuba, there is only the public healthcare system available. For the locals, it is a perfect way to take care of their health. For foreigners, it is possible to use the Cuban healthcare services financed by their tourist health insurance or cash.

The quality of Cuban doctors

Cuba is known for highly educated people and their doctors are not an exception. Cuban doctors are highly in demand in Florida, Texas, Mexico, Canada and California. Havana Medical University has long tradition and even their president Fidel Castro had a public doctor who was very successful prolonging his patient quality life. Doctors in Cuba are highly skilled, speak English and have a personal touch for every patient they meet. They are familiar also with advanced surgical techniques.

Healthcare services in Cuba for foreigners

There is a possibility to use Cuba’s public healthcare system for medical treatment, procedures, and surgery interventions:

  • teeth and gum operations
  • various internal organ operations
  • transplantations – various organ transplantations that must be validated by your country’s doctors to allow the procedure.
  • laser eye operations – after such operation your vision is improved to 20/20. You will need a day of rest under Cuban palms and then you can continue your life without glasses.
  • cancer treatment
  • liposuction
  • hair transplant
  • teeth whitening
  • plastic surgery
  • cardio (heart) operation
  • lung operation

Patients from Japan, the US, Russia, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, UK, and Australia are very common in Cuba. There is a cheap taxi from the airport to an affordable hotel or even more cozy casa particular.

Price and cost of medical care in Cuba

Foreigners, especially USA citizens can pay around a third of the price they would pay in the US for medical treatment like operation. Prices can be up to 80% lower than in the US. If you have tourist insurance the treatment is free but only for urgent cases.