Varadero beach

Varadero is the most touristy part of Cuba. The locals refer to it as Cuban Cancun. The coast is stretched along the 20-kilometer long peninsula. The sandy beaches are backed with restaurants, bars and hotels. It’s Cuban tropical public resort with international aura. Some also say it’s not real Cuba.

varadero cuba
Varadero – Caribean sandy beaches at their best. The price per room (2-3 persons or a family of 4) on a budget will cost you 35 USD per night in a Casa particular.
varadero weather
In Varadero the weather in sunny always every day with short daily showers in the rainy season from April until October.
varadero activities
The activities you can do in Varadero include shore hiking, swimming, snorkeling, beach volley, windsurfing.
Varadero agency
You can choose from a variety of activities from the local tourist agency. Prices are in CUC (1 CUC is between 1 USD and 1 EUR worth).
hotels varadero
Hotels have free access to the beach.
varadero restaurant
A restaurant in Varadero

Transportation to Varadero

Almost every city has good connections to Varadero. Or at least via Havana, there are many bus lines. Because of the geographical form of the peninsula, be careful that the bus doesn’t just stop at the gate of Varadero and from there you should find another mean of transportation. Traveling to Varadero in a taxi cab gives you more comfort, but takes more money. If the taxi cost is divided by more people, you might even consider traveling to Varadero by taxi.