Does Cuba have Coronavirus Covid-19?

There have been infected people all over the world. But how good does Cuba prevent the Covid-19 against entering the country? Are there any indications that travel to Cuba might be prohibited because of the virus?

Cuba has one of the best health-care systems globally. Despite the economic situation, the health services are available to Cubans. Add one of the strictest border controls and you will not be able to bring the virus into the island.

Coronavirus Covid-19

The Covid-19 is a virus with flu-like symptoms that has a 20x higher mortality rate than normal flue. It started in China and now Italy is one of the centers where a lot of people are infected. There has not been a case of Coronavirus in the USA, Canada or Cuba.

Now is the right time to go to Cuba!

Cuba is safe and fewer tourists are deciding to travel. So when you come to Cuba you will have it all for yourself. The local people might appreciate you more because they could dedicate more time to you as a traveler. Thus you can get to know more about this beautiful country than if you would come into a peak season.

How is healthcare in Cuba

The fact that many Canadians and Americans are traveling to Cuba because of cheap but high-quality health services says it all. Doctors in Cuba are well educated and trustful. Even though they have public healthcare they accept foreigners who are willing to pay for treatment or operation, but the prices are not comparable to the US medical bills – they are much lower.