Havana beach: Playas de Este

In Havana, you would normally go to search for authentic street adventures and historical sights. Not so many people know that Havana also has splendid beaches in the area. It is because of poor advertising or Havana Vieja taking all the attention, who knows… But only 30 minutes taxi ride away from the city there are “Playas de Este” beaches. One of the best in Cuba.

The taxi will cost you up to 30 USD for the return trip. The beach will be sandy. The water will be warm and blue. There will be palms. An always present lifeguard and police patrol. A snack bar or a restaurant will be in the walking distance.

What else do you wish in your life? 🙂 The beach is children and family friendly, so it is a perfect one-day trip destination when you already have a casa particular in Havana.

havana beach
The 9 kilometers long Caribbean beaches of Havana.
havana beach tent playas este
For the sake of our family UV protection, we took the biggest beach tent that could bring with the plane baggage with us.
havana beach securtiy
Sharply at 10 o’clock the lifeguard would appear escorted by a police colleague. There’s always taken care of security on Cuban beaches.

Transportation to Playas del Este

We took an old American classic car taxi. It had a new Mitsubishi engine, so the ride was quite comfortable and speedy. The ride costs around 15 CUC for one way. The taxi driver will ask you about the time when he should pick you up and he will be there even 10 minutes before. Cuban taxi drivers are very reliable.

amrican car taxi playas este
Taxi ride form Havana to Playas de Este takes around 45 minutes.