Cloud Watching In Cuba

Besides the scenery, towns, and people, the climate is the ultimate factor making Cuba unforgettable. When looking into the sky, observing clouds and the sun, the mind switches to relax mode. Also in the rainy season from May to October, Cuba is a nice country to visit. Rest assured the quick but strong showers in this period will not ruin your tropical days in the sun. 

They say watching clouds is the cheapest hobby you can have. But sharing photos with the world is even nicer. Here are some interesting sights from a Cuban sky in July.

Trinidad clouds
The view of Valle de Los Ingenios from Trinidad. The town of Trinidad and the valley are on UNESCO World Heritage List. Find Trinidad in Google maps.
Trinidad sky
Just a usual sky at Playa Ancon at Trinidad. Find Playa Ancon in Google Maps.
Varadero clouds
Do not be surprised to see clouds like this in Varadero. Mostly they will just pass the coast and the rain will go to the north (Florida) or to the east (Havana). Find Varadero location in Google maps.
Cienfuegos beach sky
The golden tropical skies of Cienfuegos’ Rancho Luna. Find Cienfuegos in Google maps.
Varadero beach rain sky
Varadero may sometimes seem even scarier when the clouds come from Havana. But even in the rainy period, there are seldom storms. Varadero is on one lucky location for the weather enthusiasts who like to enjoy on the beach.
Varadero beach
One last photo of Varadero clouds. Just keep sunbathing and enjoying the tropical climate.