Family friendly stay in Havana

When you travel with kids to Havana there are some more factors that need to be satisfied then just going there alone. Luckily you can find some very children-friendly casa particulars in the city of Havana and further along your trip to Cuba. Traveling with kids can be very comfortable if you book the suitable family friendly accommodation that will suit your family needs. Which are the best places to go and stay with family in Havana? What should you look for?

Children and family-friendly accommodation: Casa particulars

A casa particular is a term used in Cuba for private Airbnb like accommodation hosted by the locals. It is usually run by a family that owns the house or apartment and is renting the rooms to visitors. For example, Sergio and Miriam’s casa is a typical family-friendly apartment in Havana Vieja that you can check. In contrast to a hotel, the casa is a lot cheaper (for less than 50 USD per night for the whole room) and you experience the real Cuban vibe.

Stroll down the streets of Old Havana to enjoy the town’s urban magic.

A family-friendly casa particular should at least have these features:

  • access to a private bathroom and toilet
  • access to the kitchen
  • possibility to order meals to the hosts
  • a fridge inside the room
  • air conditioning
  • at least two beds
  • a private key
  • a central location in Havana
  • friendly hosts

Family friendly places in Havana

Cuba is generally safe and all you have to keep in mind that you will find a place to go where your children will not get bored. In Havana city area you can take your kids here:

  • Havana ZOO. But be careful, there are two ZOOs. One is smaller and the other one is bigger, with many things to do.
  • Havana aquarium.
  • Old Havana streets, parks and squares.
  • Playas de Este.
shop zoo havana
The main ZOO’s shop.
dolphin aquarium
Dolphin show in Havana Aquarium.

Family-friendly transport in and around Havana

Many people come to Cuba because of old American classic cars, but they might not be the most convenient means of family transport. They are slow and many times they lack seat belts, so they are not very safe. But for a slow ride around Havana, it should not be a problem. They are lack horse carriage, but with style.

A more cozy way of travel around are taxis. You should always check if the taxi you take has a license. Taxis take you from door to door and besides that taxi drivers are always prepared to show you around and share with you interesting stories and history. When you calculate the cost of travel you will normally compare the bus ticket price to a cost of a taxi ride. And most probably your calculation will lead you to decide on a taxi.

Buses are airconditioned and they stop every 1.5 hours to take a pee, a snack and grab fresh water. They are a comfortable means of travel. But you should be at the bus station 45 minutes before departure to check in, and the bus stop when you arrive will mostly be far away from your family-friendly accommodation.

In conclusion, when choosing the means of travel for your decision will be based on cost and even more on comfortability for your family. Since a cab and a bus will cost the same when you calculate the total cost, be sure to negotiate a good price with the taxi driver.

taxi trinidad ancon
A local Taxi will cost you 10 USD or less to get you from center of Trinidad to Ancun resort.