Havana beach: Playas de Este

In Havana, you would normally go to search for authentic street adventures and historical sights. Not so many people know that Havana also has splendid beaches in the area. It is because of poor advertising or Havana Vieja taking all the attention, who knows… But only 30 minutes taxi ride away from the city there are “Playas de Este” beaches. One of the best in Cuba. Continue reading “Havana beach: Playas de Este”

Havana ZOO in 2018 (family trip)

It is common for a family trip to also include a visit to the destination’s ZOO. Havana has a large ZOO on its outskirts with many interesting animals. Lions, zebras, elephants, hippos, wild birds and reptiles can be found in Cuba’s largest zoological garden. Havana ZOO offers an included guided tour and many activities for children of all ages. Of course, the Cuban way. But the kids will love it!
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6 Surprising Facts About Cuba in 2018

Cuba is a country full of pleasant surprises. But before they decide to take a trip to Cuba, visitors often hear and read news about Cuba that does not give them the real perspective. While Cuba is a warm and welcoming country, in 2018 some things can still surprise you when you get there and start discovering this interesting Caribbean island. Continue reading “6 Surprising Facts About Cuba in 2018”